Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fall Photo opportunities in the Canyon

I will get around to more historical items in the area later on.  For now we will focus on photographic opportunities that will be taking place in the next couple of Months.
Sunrises and sunsets are always a great, but we are in for some nighttime displays that don’t happen very often.
I usually plan my trips based on moon phases so that I may catch/see something a little different in the Canyon.
I have a link at the bottom to Moonrises, moonsets and moon phases In the Sault Ste. Marie area.  This is a great site that makes it very easy to get the information you need.  It even gives you the compass reading to where the moon will rise/set that will make it easier to choose your location to take pictures at, especially if you want to catch some of Northern Ontario’s white pines in your photograph.
This was shot in 2004 with a 2mp early digital camera with a tripod and remote.
The small cameras are so much better now and that makes it much easier to get your shot.  Take some time to practice the nights before.  Go online and ask for specific tips to get night shots with your camera.

You don’t need to be an expert in compass reading either.   If you compass has the degrees on it, just set the compass to magnetic north and look for the corresponding marks on your compass.  If you are not sure you can practice the night before so you are comfortable with what you are doing.

On August 10th we have a “Super Moon” that will help illuminate the Northern Ontario Landscapes plus there is also the peak of the annual Perseids Meteor shower Aug. 10 – 13.  For the meteor shower you may have to get up early before sunrise after the moon has set to catch sight of the smaller meteors.

In September you have another “Super Moon” on the 8th.  Fall colours may have started but it is always worth watching the sky.  You never know what may appear.
This was from my Fall 2012  (Sept. 29) trip full moon lighting up the fall colours, and some Aurora to make things really exciting.  The hard part was it took 25 years of going to the canyon to get this shot.

October this year brings a chance at a rare opportunity.  On the full “Hunters” moon of the evening of the 8th  (with a chance of fall colours ) and going into the morning of the 9th there will be a “Blood” moon, a full lunar eclipse beginning at 06:25 am EDT with the maximum eclipse at 06:55am EDT. Which gives you almost 1 hour to play around and get your shot.
You really don’t need to go to Algoma for this but you should!  As I have found out the beauty of the area always gives you great photo opportunities no matter what the season.  Sometimes you just have to sit and wait for it.

Link to Moonrises, moonsets and moon phases In the Sault Ste. Marie area.

Eclipse times links

And here is a little youtube slide show to give you a few more reasons to go.
Maybe one of these times I will share the secrets of the mists of the canyon.

Edit :  Also don't be upset that your moon isn't giant in your image.  There is a lot of photoshopped moons out there.
What they do is they take the image they want to show case and then impose a separate shot of the moon on  the first image.  Unless of course you zoom in on the moon.
This image from the badlands in South Dakota is a full moon shot. but the setting sun behind me lit up the landscape perfectly. So the Answer is like real estate - location.

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