Saturday, November 3, 2012

Painting Canada - Thomson and the Group of Seven, in Algoma

Special Note: since I wrote this the ACR passenger train no longer runs, which makes accessing the area more than tough.  The tour train still runs but there is a group working on restoring the passenger service to the area.  (updated Feb 2020)

 I thought with the opening of the Painting Canada - Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven you might enjoy of seeing how some of the locations they painted in look today, at least in the Agawa Canyon of the Algoma region.

Below are some links to trip reports, both fall and winter and images where they painted.

The Image above is of a an area where A.Y. Jackson painted.
It is a fantastic area that the Group visited on their box car trips, and still accessible by the same way they did almost 100 years ago.....
via the ACR (Algoma Central Railway)
I hope you enjoy the stories,
and then visit the Show at the McMichael collection.
Jeff McColl

My fall Canoe trip, October 2012

Here is a two story that I wrote for the 
Forest Historical Society of Ontario
Page 35 to 38

Agawa Winter 2011

Here are links to my albums.

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